Catholic Entrepreneurship Program

The Catholic Entrepreneurship Program will launch in the 2022-23 academic year and seeks to build principled Catholic men that innovate, dream big and engage others with an empathic loving attitude in the service of their community.

“The ideals of Catholic social doctrine, developed over centuries, will form the base of the moral philosophy that will guide those emerging from the program,” said Teacher Andrés Jiménez who will be spearheading the program at Belen Jesuit. “The multilayered structure includes a curriculum that gives the Belen entrepreneur that knowledge of business and the principled moral direction needed to function in today’s changing and challenging moral-ethical world, as well as, a complementary set of activities that help build the students' entrepreneurial mindset.”   

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  • Courses Offered

    • Business Experience
    • Introduction to Business Concepts
    • Principles of Business
    • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
    • Business Statistics/ Data Analytics
    • Vocation of Business
  • Dual Enrollment Opportunity

    The courses for the program include several dual enrollment classes in partnership with FIU and a final dual enrollment course with The Busch School of Business of The Catholic University of America.
  • Special Programs

    Outside the classroom, students will have the chance to challenge themselves with a variety of competitions, all guided by experienced mentors selected from Belen’s alumni base.   They will have the opportunity to learn at conferences about other Catholic entrepreneurs and engage their faith to have a true mind and soul conversion. At the base of every course and every activity, Catholic moral philosophy and the Jesuit leadership principles will be reinforced to ensure their unwavering commitment to making the world a better place and improving the moral fabric of society. 


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“This program will interconnect entrepreneurship and business with our Catholic values,” said school principal José E. Roca '84. “Being able to demonstrate to our young men that you can be a successful entrepreneur and still remain faithful to the Catholic Church teachings is essential. We are grateful to the members of the Belen community who will be dedicating time to this new venture.”
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Belen Jesuit Preparatory School was founded in 1854 in Havana, Cuba by Queen Isabel II of Spain.  The task of educating students was assigned to the priests and brothers of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), whose teaching tradition is synonymous with academic excellence and spiritual discipline.  In 1961, the new political regime of Cuba confiscated the School property and expelled the Jesuit faculty.  The School was re-established in Miami the same year, and over the next decade, continued to grow.  Today, Belen Jesuit sits on a 30-acre site in western Dade County, only minutes away from downtown Miami.