The Because Belen Podcast: Connecting the Brotherhood

MariVi Deliz | Communication Specialist
In April, the Belen Alumni began to host Alumni Virtual Events (AVEs) to help keep the Belen Brotherhood connected. It was during one of these events that Bryan Herrera '06 realized that he could help, and that's how the Because Belen Podcast was born.

"I saw the excitement this event brought to the speakers, as well as to those listening. It hit me right then and there that the Belen community had so much value, information, resources, experience, and overall knowledge that they were looking to pass on, however, didn't have many means by which to do so," said Herrera. 
The next day he contacted his classmate, Jordan Sánchez, '06. He was just as excited as Herrera.
 "Bryan and I have worked together in the past on different entertainment-based projects. So when he called me to pitch a Belen-based podcast idea, I was immediately interested. Having hosted my own morning show on the Miami radio before, I thought this was a no-brainer. I also thought it would be very fitting for Belen to move into the podcast space, as Belen has always been on the cutting edge of technology and communications," said Sánchez
The team couldn't have been a more perfect fit for the project. Both men have extensive experience in the entertainment industry. Bryan is the CEO of Rockwell Talent, a South Florida-based entertainment management company, and Jordan is the morning show host at WZFL Revolution 93.5 FM Miami. They both carry a combined 20+ years of experience in the industry.
Carlos Bravo '86, Director of the Alumni Association, said, "This kind of project is exactly what we hoped the AVEs would bring. They promote new ideas and collaboration among the brotherhood. I'm excited to have been part of the pilot episode and can't wait to hear the conversations and as always, the Belen stories from our amazing lineup." 
"Because Belen" simply signifies those things from Belen that stay with you forever. Everyone who has walked the halls of Belen has their very own “Because Belen” story and it is always something very impactful that lasts a lifetime," said Sanchez. 
Although the podcast will feature Belen Alumni and friends, Herrera hopes that it will also serve the wider Miami community. "I hope we have listeners that are not Belen alumni or Belen acquainted, and that this platform can expose the values and beliefs that Belen teaches. I, for one, am super grateful for the values and core education I received, and although at the time it's not something you understand As you get older you really cherish and appreciate everything the school does to prepare you for life. I hope listeners can connect to this and it encourages parents to want to put their children in Belen." 
The Because Belen Podcast launched on Friday, September 25, and is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. New episodes will begin to air on a regular bi-monthly schedule beginning on October 2nd. 
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Belen Jesuit Preparatory School was founded in 1854 in Havana, Cuba by Queen Isabel II of Spain.  The task of educating students was assigned to the priests and brothers of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), whose teaching tradition is synonymous with academic excellence and spiritual discipline.  In 1961, the new political regime of Cuba confiscated the School property and expelled the Jesuit faculty.  The School was re-established in Miami the same year, and over the next decade, continued to grow.  Today, Belen Jesuit sits on a 30-acre site in western Dade County, only minutes away from downtown Miami.