Fr. Julio Minsal-Ruiz, S.J., '05 to continue studies in Rome

Maria Virginia Dinnella-Borrego | Communications Specialist
After 2 years teaching at Belen Jesuit the time has come for Father Julio Minsal-Ruiz, S.J., '05 to pursue advanced studies in philosophical theology at the Gregorian University in Rome. He began his tenure teaching theology as a transitional deacon. His ordination was held in Gesu Church in February 2020. It was attended by many students and members of the Belen Jesuit community.  Fr. Minsal-Ruiz continued to serve at Belen Jesuit, transitioning to teaching philosophy in the 2020-2021 school year. 

In addition to teaching and working with Campus Ministry and mentoring Team Lombardi, Fr. Minsal-Ruiz discovered a hidden talent last summer when he took up photography as a hobby. He quickly honed his skill and covered many sporting events throughout the year.

Students and colleagues have shared their thoughts and well-wishes for his success in this new adventure in Rome:

"Father Minsal has served as a spiritual mentor, teacher, and friend throughout my time at Belen. His ability to make theology and philosophy relevant in modern day society helped me grow richer in my faith. Additionally, our discussions in his classroom truly helped enrich my brotherhood with fellow classmates as we each offered our perspective on philosophies and modern day issues. Father Minsal, thank you for always being there for us, in and out of the classroom. I wish you luck in your journey and hope you return to your Belen family soon."
- Jacob Lazo '21

"Fr. Minsal-Ruiz has been a remarkable addition to the Humanities Department. During his tenure as a teacher of philosophy, he established a framework of rigor, fairness, and ingenuity to that role. Most recently, Fr. Minsal-Ruiz has been graciously advising the incoming philosophy teacher, who will step into the position for the next academic year. Although Fr. Minsal-Ruiz's presence in our department will be sorely missed, we wish him happiness and success as he continues his studies in Rome."
- Mrs. Sylvie San Juan, Art History Teacher

"In the 6 years that Zach has been a member of the team no one has shown the boys as much support as you have. From coming to the games to giving them your blessings to being our number one recruiter. I know that I can speak for the other parents as well, that your absence will be felt. We will miss you at the games as our #1 fan and team photographer. You have also made a huge impact in the spiritual formation of these boys. Leading them to Christ in ways in which only you could have achieved. We wish you the best on your new endeavour and know that we will keep you in our prayers."
- Yanitza Callejas-Iglesias

"Father Minsal has been a tremendous influence on not just the class of 2023, but the student body, as a whole. One of the better traits Father Minsal displayed, not just as a teacher, or in his homilies as a priest, was his ability to appeal as a role model to many of us, students. It reminds me of Br. Michael Martinez, who used his own passion, and made the word of Christ more accessible to the youth... Fr. Minsal allowed the students to feel our call to God through his engaging spirit with us in the halls. From a more specific/inner perspective, I saw Father Minsal “click” with many students, including myself, which allowed us to explore further into the religion, such as in the Esto Vir club and Team Lombardi (altar serving). All in all, his leadership and guidance to the “Wolverine Nation” will never be disregarded." 
- Kevin Garcia '23

"It has been a pleasure to teach alongside Fr. Minsal-Ruiz.  He is a dedicated priest and teacher with a profound vision of Catholic education. Many times this year, I have heard my sophomore students bear witness to the positive impact he has had on their formation and their Belen experience. His ministry has been a great blessing to Belen, which I pray will be renewed after he completes his licentiate of sacred theology."
- Dr. Lawrence Goodall, Theology Teacher
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