Volunteer Service Fair 2021

Teresa Martinez | Director of Communications
The Volunteer Service Fair was held on September 27 for students in 10th grade and those who signed up in grades 9 and 11. Over 325 students who participated were able to connect with 29 community partners in attendance.

“We are blessed to have so many wonderful organizations present,” said Christian Service Coordinator Teresita Gonzalez. “Since we have now returned to our Pre Covid service policy, this was a great way for students to find lots of exciting opportunities for IN PERSON service.

“The Volunteer Service fair is an amazing gathering of organizations serving our community in South Florida,” said Monica Santos Lauzurique, Executive Director, La Salle Education Center. “It gives the young men of Belen Jesuit an opportunity to see how they can use their gifts and talents to follow their baptismal call of service to those in greatest need. It’s been a blessing throughout the years to have students from Belen come join our mission at the La Salle Educational Center that serves migrant farm working families through our afterschool care programs, food pantry, and adult learning.”

"The opportunity for us to share our mission as a fellow faith-based organization that connects our faith by the service we provide is a very important value we instill in our service activities/opportunities", said Jesus Riviera from Bridge to Hope. "Just to witness such heart into every aspect of the event and with each community partner was such as sight to see and experience. Volunteering with our organization is more than just a signature on a letter for hours. It’s the impact that we have with every student that inspires change and action in each aspect of their lives."

For details about the Christian Service program please refer to the Handbook beginning page 16. For great upcoming opportunities and a list of pre-approved organizations, please refer to the service board

The organizations that took part in the Volunteer fair on September 27 included (contact email is provided):
“I want our students to put a face to the name,” said Gonzalez. “Many times they may sign up to volunteer at an organization without knowing much about them and this fair gave them the opportunity to begin a relationship with someone, learn their needs, before committing to service.”

*Students are reminded that all service should now be done in person at the location of the Belen Jesuit approved organization. 

Click here to see the complete photo album from the Volunteer Service Fair. 
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