New Exhibition Coming to the Saladrigas Gallery

Sylvie San Juan | Gallery Director
The Olga and Carlos Saladrigas Gallery is delighted to present its fall exhibition, “Concerning the Spiritual: Selections from the Mosquera Collection,” culled from the extensive collection of Liza and Dr. Arturo F. Mosquera.  Specifically selected for their spiritual qualities either through subject, medium, or interpretation, the artworks include paintings, sculptures, installations, and videos created by artists of over a dozen nationalities. The exhibition will run from September 22-December 9, 2022, with an opening reception that is open to the public on September 22 from 7:30-9:30 p.m.
The Mosqueras have been collecting art since 1989 and have created one of Miami’s most unique art exhibition spaces in the orthodontic office of Dr. Mosquera through a project designated as Art@Work.  Alongside Farside Gallery, an alternative art space located next door to Mosquera Orthodontics, Liza and Dr. Mosquera have made the works of hundreds of locally, nationally, and internationally renowned artists accessible to the public for decades. 
After exhibitions of works from the Mosquera Collection at venues such as Miami-Dade College Museum of Art+Design and the Rosemary Duffy Larson Gallery, the site of the inaugural show of the New Gallery at Broward College, plus 150 solo and group exhibitions at Farside Gallery and Art@Work, this group show will spotlight works that have spiritual resonance.  Displayed within the context of the Ignatian Center for the Arts at Belen Jesuit Preparatory School, Arturo F. Mosquera ‘71 and his wife Liza, graciously share the work of over 90 artists with the community. 
Essays by art writers Roni Feinstein and Elisa Turner will be included in the full-color catalog.  Both the exhibition and catalog are being dedicated to honor Carola Calderin, Arturo E. Mosquera, and Ricardo Pau-Llosa, all ardent supporters of the arts. 

Saladrigas Gallery Location:
500 SW 127th Avenue
Miami, FL 33184
Opening Reception: Thursday, September 22, 2022, 7:30-9:30 p.m.
Concerning the Spiritual: Selections from the Mosquera Collection RSVP Link
Event Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. by appointment.
Event Contact: Sylvie San Juan, Gallery Director,

Full list of participating artists:
Harumi Abe, Gustavo Acosta, Alejandro Aguilera, Dona Altemus, Julio Antonio, Kevin Arrow, Juan Pablo Ballester, Luisa Basnuevo, Maria Brito, Adriano Buergo, Jorge Camacho, Margarita Cano, Pablo Cano, Amalia Caputo, Manuel Carbonell, Maria Fernanda Cardoso, Alicia Carletti, Franklin Cassaro, Humberto Castro, Elizabeth Cerejido, Robert Chambers, Westen Charles, Karina Chechik, Rosemarie Chiarlone, Yanira Collado, lou anne colodny, COOPER, William Cordova, Liliam Cuenca, Julie Davidow, Ana Albertina Delgado, Ivan Toth Depeña, Christian Duran, Agustin Fernandez, Jacin Giordano, Robert Huff, Jiae Hwang, Cisco Jiménez, William Keddell, Cristina Lei Rodriguez, Frank León, Maria Lino, Guido Llinás, Connie Lloveras, Ena Marrero, Leonel Matheu, Robert McKnight, Antoni Miralda, Juan Jose Molina, Beatriz Monteavaro, Heriberto Mora, Gean Moreno, Arturo E.Mosquera, Glexis Novoa, Charo Oquet, Jay Oré, Ernesto Oroza, Jorge Pantoja, Raul Perdomo, Gavin Perry, Mario Petrirena, Christina Pettersson, Kerry Phillips, Vickie Pierre, Ali Prosch, Karen Rifas, Cristina Lei Rodríguez, Santiago “Chago” Rodríguez, Miguel Ronsino, Graciela Sacco, Asser Saint Val, Baruj Salinas, Samantha Salzinger, Carolina Sardi, Onajide Shabaka, Paul Sierra, Tracey Snelling, Leandro Soto, Sebastian Spreng, Sara Stites, Kristen Thiele, Robert Thiele, Ruben Torres Llorca, Alba Fernanda Triana, Sarah Trouche, Odalis Valdivieso, Angela Valella, Marcos Valella, Eugenia Vargas Pereira, Pedro Vizcaino, Michelle Weinberg, Ramon Williams, Elizabeth Withstandley
500 SW 127th Avenue, Miami, FL 33184
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Belen Jesuit Preparatory School was founded in 1854 in Havana, Cuba by Queen Isabel II of Spain.  The task of educating students was assigned to the priests and brothers of the Society of Jesus (the Jesuits), whose teaching tradition is synonymous with academic excellence and spiritual discipline.  In 1961, the new political regime of Cuba confiscated the School property and expelled the Jesuit faculty.  The School was re-established in Miami the same year, and over the next decade, continued to grow.  Today, Belen Jesuit sits on a 30-acre site in western Dade County, only minutes away from downtown Miami.