Eating Made Easier

Teresa Martinez | Director of Communications

Eating Made Easier
Teresa Martinez | Director of Communications

Sophomore Lucas Delgado loves to travel. Thanks to his parents, he is fortunate to have the opportunity to have visited several major cities in the country. Wanting to maximize his experience, Lucas set out to merge his two interests - love of travel and love of food. 

“I really noticed how different the food was from city to city, and I set out to talk to locals and ask them for their recommendations of where to go and eat,” said Lucas. “I wanted to make it easy for people in my age group to be able to find good food and get suggestions from someone their age that can relate and keep up with trends.”

Lucas began developing the concept before the pandemic. He named his company EaTrip and went to work building his website and writing reviews. In 2022, he finalized his content and launched his website with the goal of reaching his peer group and young adults. 

With his website now live, he is already thinking ahead in terms of creating an app and eventually selling ads to become profitable. Taking advantage of the new Catholic Entrepreneurship Program, Lucas is taking the Principles of Business class and looking forward to learning more about business.

“I definitely see myself as an entrepreneur and would love to study at The Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania,” said Lucas. “I’m really looking forward to learning from Mr. Jiménez how to improve my entrepreneurship skills, how to market, how to talk to the right people, and grow my business.”

“I’m proud of the work that Lucas has done to get his business off the ground,” said Andrés F. Jiménez ’87, who heads the Catholic Entrepreneurship Program at Belen. “As a member of the new Catholic Entrepreneurship Program, he will be exposed to valuable lessons in participation in God’s creative work and serving his community. The software he is developing helps people find a place to enter into communion with each other at a table. This is an important aspect for us as Catholics because we start building relationships with others together at the dinner table. The Catholic Entrepreneurship program will help him continue to thrive and grow as he finds his vocation in life by providing value to society.”

So far, he has reviewed restaurants in 18 cities featuring a variety of food. He just launched his social media accounts and is looking to create exciting content. Lucas is looking to spread the word about EaTrip and increase the number of followers on his platforms. 

“If you’re going to travel, check out my website to see if I’ve visited the city you’re going to, and see my list of top 10 places to eat while you’re there,” said Lucas. “It’s what you’ll need to know to eat like a local at trendy restaurants with delicious food.”
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