Wolverines Dominate the Miami International Regatta

CJ Cristobal ‘16 | Communications Specialist
This past weekend, most of the Belen Crew team competed at the Miami International Regatta in Key Biscayne. There were 219 entries from 17 different clubs. Our team obtained amazing results: eight gold, three silver, and two bronze medals. The 2nd Varsity stepped up and won Gold against other 1st Varsities, our 3rd Varsity won Gold against other 2nd Varsities, and our Freshmen stepped up and won Gold against other 3rd Varsities.
While the majority of our team was racing locally, our Varsity 8 traveled to the West Coast and made us proud with a 6th-place finish in the San Diego Crew Classic against some of the top competitors in the country.
The entire Crew Team is preparing for Sculling States on April 13th at Sarasota, FL. 
The results from this past weekend are the following:
San Diego Crew Classic:
Youth 8+ San Diego Rowing Club Cup: Georgie Maloof [Cox] Arturo Castelo, Victor Alberni, Marcus Mantecon, Victor Salas, Andres Madrigal, Evan Martinez, Nicolas Battistini, Peter Schmidt
Miami International Regatta:
Men's Middle School 8+: Alejandro Rangel [Cox], David Martinez, Anthony Hernandez, Justin Perez, Lucas Van Oordt, Joaquin Gonzalez, Paolo Roggiero, Manuel Gondolfi Vannini, Nicolas Hernandez

Men's 1st Varsity 8+: Jose Ignacio Rasco [Cox], Marco Alberni, Aiden Furness, Felix Caceres, David Caban, Lorenzo Diaz Campiz, Evan Martinez, Noah Scott, Benjamin Rammos

Men's 2nd Varsity 8+: Alejandro Rangel [Cox], James Schmidt, Gabriel Diaz, Daniel Arner, Luca Albis, Miguel Sarol, Alejandro Solorzano Carral, Julian Cabrera, Marcelo Ballesteros-Wegener

Men's 3rd Varsity 8+: John Underwood [Cox], Daniel Llorens, Manuel Irurita, Christian Diaz, Ricardo Gonzalez, Paolo Roggiero, Desiderio Esteva, Daniel Guon, Dominick Diaz

Men's Freshmen 2x: Marcelo Ballesteros-Wegener, Simon Patmore

Men's Lightweight Varsity 4x: Benjamin Rammos, David Caban, Felix Caceres, Noah Scott

Men's Freshmen 8+: Alejandro Rangel [Cox], James Schmidt, Gabriel Diaz, Daniel Arner, Luca Albis, Julian Cabrera, Justin Herrera, Sebastian Cruz, Simon Patmore

Men's Lightweight Varsity 8+: Jose Ignacio Rasco [Cox], Benjamin Rammos, David Caban, Gabriel Diaz, James Schmidt, Julian Cabrera, Justin Herrera, Daniel Llorens, Manuel Irurita
Men's Middleschool 8+: Javier Redero [Cox], Fernando Solorzano Corral, Enzo Mikulski, Tomas Madrigal,
Nicholas Nunez, Christian Diaz, George Yatzkan, Xavier Sueiro, Eduardo Toledo

Men's Varsity 2x: Aiden Furness, Victor Abril

Men's Varsity 2x: Lorenzo Diaz Campiz, Marco Alberni
Men's Freshmen 4x: Justin Herrera, Sebastian Cruz, Agustin Morales, Diego Perez-Alonso

Men's Freshmen 8+: John Underwood [Cox], Alejandro Solorzano Carral, Paolo Roggiero, Marcelo Ballesteros-Wegener, Miguel Sarol, Agustin Morales, Dominick Diaz, Diego Perez-Alonso, Ricardo Gonzalez

4th Men's Freshmen 4+: John Underwood [Cox], Alek Gomez, Daniel Guon, Rafael Candia de Sousa, Samuel Monteiro

5th Men's Varsity 4x: Benjamin Rammos, David Caban, Felix Caceres, Noah Scott

To view the full gallery of pictures, click here.
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